Connect to Grow provides expertise and support to organisations on organisational development, leadership development, mentoring skills, strategy formulation and translation, and train practitioners in the art of Organisational Development.


What is organisational development

and how we assist your organisation


The purpose of organisational development is to optimise individual, group and organisational performance in the context of society and is positioned at a level where it can impact the whole organisation in a systemic manner. Organisation development work is concerned about the long-term capacity of organisations to make conscious strategic change decisions and the ability of its people to implement these changes and transform.

Organisation development is a planned process of change in an organisation’s culture through the utilisation of behavioral science technologies, research, and theory. We apply these to derive an organisational development plan customised for your organisation.


The course consists of five interactive modules presented as workshops distributed over a four-month period, and has been developed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a confident, credible and capable organisational development practitioner.

The course puts theory into practice and will enable you to experience the organisational development process, while providing a thorough framework for the content covered in each stage of the process.

The workshops will equip you with key tools, techniques and resources to enable you to implement effective organisational development processes as soon as you return to your workplace.



A three day workshop which will equip you will the necessary skills to:

  • effective engage with your employees in the new world of work,
  • developing yourself through a process of self-discovery, exploration and practical experiences,
  • with a key focus on enhancing your self-leadership and
  • realising and developing the potential of the people working with and reporting to you through applying effective mentoring principles.


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